Laboratory Tests:
We suggest that if any laboratory work, EKG, or x-rays are required, it be done with your primary physician. All lab tests, if ordered, must be done at least one day before your surgery. Some insurance companies require that your testing be done by your primary physician. Your surgeon, primary physician or anesthesiologist may order additional pre-operative lab tests to assist in screening and preparing you for surgery.

Pre-Operative Visit:
Patients can have a pre-operative appointment scheduled with the anesthesia department 1-3 days prior to the surgery date. At this time, pre-op instructions will be given and you will discuss your anesthesia with an an anesthesiologist. Your lab work may be done at this time if it has not been done by your primary physician.

A member of our staff will attempt to call you 1-2 days prior to your surgery date in order to confirm your appointment, complete a pre-operative questionnaire, and answer any questions you may have. If you are not home, instructions will be left on your answering machine (if you have one). If you prefer that we not leave a message, please contact us at (973) 782-4202 and ask to speak with an admitting nurse direclty.

If the patient is a child, please remember:

* One parent (or guardian) must remain in New Horizon Surgical Center while the child is at our facility,

* A parent (or guardian) must sign release permits for surgery if the child is under 18,

* Guardians must bring written proof of guardianship on the day of surgery; without this documentation, surgery will have to be rescheduled.
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