We would like to inform you of the following ownership interests in our Facility:

* Anthony Degradi, c/o Main St. Medical Mgt. Inc.
* ASAR Healthcare, LLC
* BDP Ventures, LLC​
* ASC Investment Services LLC​

* Richard Seldes MD c/o Blue Wall Management, LLC
* Kenneth McCulloch MD
* Robert Haar MD c/o Haar Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PC
* ​Darren Friedman MD c/o DJF Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PC
* Amir Issa MD c/o Cura Medical Group LLC​

* Redy Ventures, LLC
* MK Med Invest, LLC
* AS Med Invest, LLC​
* Sheref Hassan MD​
* Shady Hassan MD​
* Ravi Naik MD
* Anup Patel DO​
* Ashraf Sakr MD​
* Sujoy Menon MD​
​* Svetlana Katanov
* Steven Yager DPM
* ​Jack Eisenstein DPM​​
* Gianni Persich DPM​
* Neha Pathak DPM
* Ankur Bahri DPM​​
* Jack Eisenstein DPM​
* Conte De Fees, Inc.
* Kostanian Consulting Services​
* Jonathan Cohen
​* Allen Morgan

 Effective as of 9/01/23


New Horizon Ambulatory Surgical Center, LLC
"Where the caring continues"