In order to provide you, the patient, with the optimal quality of care, we ask that you comply with the following responsibilities:

1. You, or your family, will provide information about past illnesses, hospitalization, medication and other matters relating to your health history.

2. You will cooperate and follow the care prescribed or recommended for you by your physician, nurses, or allied health personnel.
3. You will notify your physician or nurse if you do not understand your diagnosis, treatment or prognosis.

4. You will advise your nurse, physician, or the nurse manager of any dissatisfaction you may have regarding your care at the facility.

5. You will assume financial responsibility for services rendered, either through third party payors (your insurance company) or through self-payment for services not covered by your insurance company.

6. You will not take drugs which have not been prescribed to you by your attending physician and administered by the staff; and  you will not complicate or endanger the healing process by consuming alcoholic beverages or toxic substances during your stay.

7. You will abide by the facility rules and regulations and be considerate of the rights of other patients and facility personnel.

8. You will be courteous to the treating staff.
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